Dating a guy who lives with his ex

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But if he's hot and cold with you, it's likely that he's keeping you on the back burner until he's absolutely sure things won't ever work out with his ex.

Not getting over your ex is completely natural, but it's not natural to continue to date if you haven't given yourself time to grieve.

It's like when you're in high school and you have a crush on a guy; you'll find every excuse to talk about him, no matter how crazy you're driving the people around you.

For whatever reason, he doesn't want her to see you, probably in hopes they'll be able to patch things up and get back together.

He's not wrong for mourning the loss of his relationship, but if that's the case, then he shouldn't be attempting new relationships or leading unsuspecting women on.

The important thing to remember is if you realize you're dating a guy who isn't over his ex, it's not your job to help him get over her — he needs to sort it out on his own.

It’s been a year and three months since we started dating. At times I get frustrated because I want to be able to go to his house and enjoy those moments together. The truth is, the last lady is right — this is a very difficult situation.

I don’t consider him my boyfriend, only because I don’t feel comfortable saying that he is because of his living arrangement. As someone trying to survive in New York City, I think it’s understandable for someone to live with whoever they need to if they can’t afford to move out, especially if they were living with them before entering into a new relationship.

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