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Yet, far from tackling this dangerous situation, the European Union is set to reinforce rules which ban English tests for doctors and nurses from the EU before they are allowed to work here, branding it a ‘restraint of free movement’ of workers.

The European directive, currently being debated in Brussels, insists that British employers can only test medics from Europe after their poor English has endangered patient care, flagging ‘serious and concrete doubt about the professional’s sufficient language knowledge’.

The General Medical Council (GMC) has written to Brussels pointing out that it has already had to strike off one EU surgeon who — to the horror of the doctors and nurses assisting him during a high-risk operation — would only speak in a foreign language.

Indeed, in the case of Dr Ubani, his poor English meant he was refused work by the NHS in one part of the country — but was later accepted for work in Cornwall. According to evidence given in the House of Lords this year, more than 88,000 foreign-trained doctors are registered to work in Britain, including 22,758 from Europe. Professor Norman Williams, the president of the Royal College of Surgeons, and Sir Richard Thompson, the president of the Royal College of Physicians, recently issued a public statement calling for ‘urgent action’ to enable employers and regulators to check EU doctors’ English.

Ms Middleton, an articulate and resourceful former lawyer, eventually received the emergency attention she wanted.

But she had fallen foul of a burgeoning problem in Britain’s hospitals — one which many other patients are not nearly so well equipped to handle.

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