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Three weeks earlier, she was treated at a Bronx hospital for facial bruises.

The couple had fought bitterly, Kathie told Schwank, and her husband pummeled her.

The mother of three and grandmother of four earned a Ph. in Sanskrit studies from UC-Berkeley and worked as a schoolteacher and film producer.Kathie was demanding a divorce and a 0,000 settlement — a modest amount for a real-estate scion with millions.She was also fed up over Durst’s three-year affair with Prudence, the then-34-year-old sister of a Hollywood star and daughter of Maureen O’Sullivan — Jane in the Tarzan movies.(1963): John Lennon, a local Liverpool tough and an incipient art-school dropout, had a skiffle band.Paul Mc Cartney, two years his junior, had a rapidly evolving understanding of music and a slightly younger guitarist schoolmate named George Harrison.

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